Monday, February 7, 2011

For Him.

Do you buy gifts for your man for Valentine's Day? We used to exchange gifts, but decided we would bypass this tradition this year. I would personally just love some beautiful fresh flowers, is that too much to ask?

Instead of a gift, Julian and I are going to make a homemade card together. It will be a fun craft project for us this week!

If you do exchange gifts and want to get him something fun, here are some of my top picks...

I saw this at a friends house this weekend, and I had to crack up. It's perfect  for those of you who have husbands that think growing a mustache is cool.

If you plan to stay in and cook an amazing meal for Valentine's day, get your guy a great bottle of wine. My husband (who is a wine NUT) has informed me that this is the best bottle for $35. It's called the Prisoner by Orin Swift cellars. It's a very delicious fruity red that goes great with almost any meal.

 These tees are by Australian brand Zanerobe. I love their use of color and interesting graphics. It's refreshing to see something different than your typical graphic tee. $45 at Solis

Stripes are hot for men this season too! This knit hoodie looks super comf, dont' you think? by SNS Herning

I am so sick of the same boring, black Dopp kits! I discovered this on my favorite travel site, Flight 001. It comes in 4 different colors and is a bargain at $34 by F1 Jetliner


  1. mel-I just bought 3 of those tees for Brad at the saks outlet for $19.99!!! I had never heard or seen them before but LOVED them!!!!


  2. I am loving that Dopp kit!! Am going right now to get one for my hubs!



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