Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard=Summer dreaming...

This weather is insane. It's bad enough that we got a foot of snow in one day, but now we have a windchill of -18, which makes it just way too cold to go outside. I feel so bad for Julian, being cooped up inside for 2 days now...

Many hours spent inside, means there is some inevitable online browsing. I can't help but think about warmer weather and linen and swimsuits and the smell of summer. We have a one month countdown to our vacation, it really can't come quick enough!

My Mother in law called (from Florida) and reminded Jonathan and I about a fabulous store that recently opened in Naples called The Island Company. I am sure you have seen one on your travels, or you may be lucky enough to have one where you live.

 It's a store that  embraces the warm weather traveler and the laid back beach life...yet, it's the antithesis of Tommy Bahama. No silk shorts or terrible prints at this store. Just beautiful linen in the softest colors, sundresses that are comfortable and feminine and possibly the best variety of swimsuits I have ever seen and at decent prices! I can't wait to visit the store on our trip, I am definitely going to invest in one of their bikinis this season.

How adorable is this shift dress?

And the perfect tunic to throw on with white pants....

You know my obsession with linen pants... 

And their men's swimwear  is AWESOME...I can totally see Jonathan in these...

Have you been to The Island Company? If so,what is your favorite item?


  1. I haven't but I am going to check it out. I love the little blue and white nautical bikini!

  2. Those are very cute items! We're going to Mexico in April... I'll definitely have to do some "investing" too! (We've been stuck inside for our second "cold" day, too!!)

  3. How cute is the striped bikini! I love Naples, my family used to have a house in Marco Island. Now, we go to Seaside, Fl, but I do miss that area!



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