Thursday, February 3, 2011

A mothers imagination...

Have you seen these photos yet? My friend Jill sent them to me and I just loved looking at them. This mother and computer programmer, from Helsinki is obviously a very creative woman. When her daugher slept she would use household items to create different fairytale vignettes.

My mom said they looked like a boho version of Anne Geddes. Mom, you are so right on, but I still think they are adorable. And what a fun way to capture your child, instead of the classic portrait...


  1. these are so cute, it is Anne Geddes with a bit something more


    She also writes a blog. Ohhh... to be Finnish and have two years of maternity leave.

  3. Yes, these are so cute! My MIL sent these to me. I read on her blog she is going to be publishing a book in 2012. So neat.

  4. A friend of mine just sent these to me as well! She is so creative! They kind of remind me of the commercials. My fav is the umbrealla one. Those little witchy shoes are so cute on a baby! And I just realized that I use entirely too many exclamation points.

  5. I found her blog a few months ago and it is amazing!



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