Friday, May 29, 2009

Turn your inspiration into an Illustration

I have always been a very visual person. I loved making collages out of fashion magazines when I was young and even when I was a clothing buyer, I often used trend boards and photos for inspiration for my buys.  I have recently discovered a "virtual" way of turning my fashion inspirations into an actual visual representation.  It can all be done on a wonderful site called Polyvore.

You create a "set" which is comprised of backgrounds and any items that you may want to add via different shopping websites. There are probably a million items to choose from. Anything from shoes, handbags, cosmetics, different fonts, fabric swatches and clothing. All to help you complete your virtual trend board.  As a creative person who loves fashion, this is like a dream come true!!!

The site is unbelievably easy to navigate and once you create a "set" it will be saved to your account. When your set is done and published to the site, it lists all of the items you used on  your set and what websites you can purchase them from. It's like having a personal shopper online!!!

If you are looking for a little inspiration for a special event, comment below or on Scout's Facebook page and I will put together a Polyvore set for you.  The set that I am going to post was inspired by a friend who is taking a trip to Miami.  If you want to see some of my other creations you can go to

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