Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Jewelry Obsession-Early Jewelry

You know when you find something so beautiful, unique and special and you just HAVE TO HAVE IT?! that is the way I feel about Early Jewelry. Lawrence, Kansas based designer, Kylie Grater takes her rural upbringing, combined with worldy travels to create her one of a kind pieces.

I was so excited to see her full-line on display at my hair salon, The Darling Room during First Friday in downtown Kansas City. I didn't purchase anything because I was so overwhelmed, I saw way too many things that I just fell in love with. She combines really interesting elements to make up her necklaces. I was coveting a long chain made of leather and silver with a feather and a stone that hung from it. I really should have purchased it then because her pieces cannot be duplicated, so once it is sold, it is gone! I also adore her rings, which are made of vintage cufflinks.

Early Jewelry is also focused on being environmentally conscious. She looks to nature for a lot of her materials as well as using recycled items and castouts to make new jewelry. How can you not appreciate a "green" jewelry designer?

I was thrilled to find out that Kylie is a blogger too! Her blog is dedicated to 300 days of new jewelry as an expansion of her current line. So, there are constantly new pieces to choose from. You better believe I am checking daily, in hopes to find the perfect piece for me!

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