Monday, May 4, 2009

An ode to creative Mom's

Being a Mom is hard enough...add being a business owner on top of that and you are pretty much a "Super Mom"! I am priveliged to know 2 amazing Mom's and one Mom to be that have created some wonderful products that you are sure to love.

My cousin, Soni is a mom of two darling girls and owner of Stringbean Co., a company which features items like baby-leg warmers, capes for kids, baby wraps and aprons. I have been fortunate to test out her products and they are wonderful. The quality and design is thoughtful and creative. She has spent much time and effort in perfecting her products and it shows! If you want to check out her items, check out her website.

My sorority sister, Krista, who is a current Mom-to-be illustrated the most gorgeous children's book titled Alphabetica. This wonderful book is an ode to the Alphabet, containing poems and colorful artwork that accompanies them. It is a fun and creative way to teach your children their ABC's! It is the perfect addition to any child's book collection. Alphabetica is currently sold in Pottery Barn Kids stores or you can purchase online at

Rachel, an old co-worker of mine is a mother of 2 beautiful girls and also the owner of Lu-Lu-Lop. Her hot item is her stylish burp cloths that roll up and close with a button and elastic closure-perfect to throw in your handbag or baby bag.  I own 3 of them and I really can't have enough!!! She also makes an apron top for little girls. The fabrics are beautiful and colorful and most of all unique! You can find all her items online at:

These are her darling apron tops!

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