Tuesday, May 26, 2009

cool stuff for cool moms

Mommy Calling Card from Oh Smile on Etsy-$85 for 300

Ever gone to the park or gymboree and met another mom that you just "click" with and you can't wait to exchange info so that you can plan your next playdate? Well, I have the perfect thing for you to make networking with other mom's that much easier. It's called the Mommy calling card. List your name, your kids names (optional) your phone and email and it has all the info you need to pass on to your new Mom BFF. Your local stationary store can put them together for you, but I also found a bunch on Etsy that were super cute.

MomAgenda's Faux Croc Planner-$45

I only have one child and I feel like I am always putting my dayplanner to use. Between doctor appointments, my appointments, playdates etc. I really have to stay on top of our schedule. There is a brilliant product that can keep you and your family organized at all times, it is called the Mom Agenda. They make a wonderful dayplanner that has space for you and then spaces for 3 kids at the bottom. this helps you distinguish between your busy schedule, soccer games and school events all on one page! It's genious! My friend Susan is a huge fan of their kitchen folio. This organizer will organize all of your kids school info including homework, projects and arwork. It also holds all the important info that you need at your fingertips like Doctor and health info, babysitter information, takeout menus, etc.

I love this photo of LeSportSac from the early 80's and today!

You can take a girl out of the 80's, but you can't take the 80's out of the girl. After all of these years I still love LeSportSac Bags. I don't know what it is...the bright colors? The funky prints? The fact that they can get dirty and you can just wipe them off or throw them in the laundry? I own 2 of them currently and they are the best for travel, because they are so light-weight and have tons of pocket space. I personally think they are wonderful when you have kids because they won't show wear and tear and because they are so light you can tote around all the kid junk without breaking your back. Stella McCartney did an amazing collection for them this fall and right now they are having a 35th Anniversary collection. I personally love the Fifi Lapin artist collection-great colors and really interesting prints.

Ray Ban's oversized aviators range from $149 to $179

After a night of sitting up with a screaming baby or taking care of a sick toddler, you may wake up with eyes that are too scary to show in public. Ladies, a great pair of sunglasses is essential. For me, the bigger the better. I can hide the bags and bloodshot eyes and also not apply any makeup that day and still feel somewhat ok to make a run to Target or the Grocery store. Right now I am loving Ray-Ban. Super classic, light-weight and they don't cost $300. They are unisex too, so you can tell your husband you can share them (but really steal them and store them in your handbag).


  1. MomAgendas and fun calling cards are available at RSVP in the Village!!!

  2. Melanie - Looking for cute diaper covers but can only find these adorable ones on www.rufflebutts.com - have you seen any for boys?

    ALSO - came across this site and thought you would love it: http://projectnursery.com

  3. I posted about calling cards a few weeks ago. I think they're such a fabulous idea!! Love the ones you found.



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