Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Neutral Nail-Essie Style

Oh, how I long for the days of getting manicured every week by the ladies at Crystal Nails in Chicago (the best by the way, if you live in the Windy City). I will indulge in a pedicure to keep the toes in tact, but as far as my nails go, I have learned to maintain them on my own. Thank God for Essie!!!! A line of nail polish known for their wide range of kitschy named neutral tones as well as colorful candy tones to brighten up your toes, I have been a fan for years and absolutely love their product.

Before I talk color, there are a few things you need for your at home manicure. You must have a great base coat, file and clippers. I cannot live without Duri rejuvecoat. Recommended by a manicurist in Chicago, this product literally transformed my nails from short and brittle to long, thick and healthy.

For filing, I have found that Essie's crystal file really does the trick. It files down really clean and it won't need to be tossed out every few months because it is a crystal. This file also helps to prevent splitting and peeling.

For clipping, I love the products from Ms.Manicure. They have a great handle that won't slip and they clip with ease. They make really cute little sets that will give you all the tools you would need for your at-home manicure. I found the best selection of their products on

If you love a neutral nail that looks polished and sophisticated, I have the perfect color combos that you can easily do at home. Your 3 starter colors should be in order of the pics above: 1.Ballet Slipers, 2. Mademoiselle and 3. Waltz.
Ballet Slippers is a soft opaque pink that looks great when done in 2 coats. Mademoiselle is a perfect sheer pink that I use combined with Waltz as well as a creamy white called Marshmallow. Waltz is a great base for any of their pink shades, it gives the nail a perfect opaqueness when paired with another color.

once you have the basics, here are some combos you can add to your repertoire:
Limo-scene (sheer pastel pink) and Sugar Daddy (sugary sweet sheer pink)
Mademoiselle and It's in the Bag (creamy ivory with a touch of pink)
Ballet Slippers and Dune Road (a shimmery pink-great for summer)
*these colors look very similar in person, but once you try them on you will see they all have a different hue and look totally different on the nail.

I purchase Essie from my favorite spot for beauty products, Beauty Brands. BUT, if you don't have a store near you, you can also find them on


  1. new fave Essie color is "Starter Wife"

  2. Oooh, I haven't seen that one yet. checking it out tomorrow!



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