Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Retire your Juicy Sweats and graduate to Hard Tail!

We all own a set of Juicy Couture sweats. They are comfortable, they come in pretty colors, and EVERYONE wears them...including 15 year olds with "Juicy" written on their behinds. I decided it was time to retire them and move into something more comfortable, functional and less expensive. My new SAHM wardrobe is going to be by Hard Tail!

If you attended Indiana University in the mid 90's, you would remember Hard Tail. Every girl wore the ribbed drawstring pant that stretched SO bad that you would be dragging the hem underneath your Steve Madden platform shoes at the end of the day. Well, you will be glad to know that Hard Tail has moved on from this pant and now makes the best comfy yoga/everyday wear that you can find. I am going to give you a few of their "Must-Haves" to start you off.

The Roll-Down Pant-I have been wearing this pant for YEARS. I love it because it is wonderful to workout in, but also doubles as a great run-around pant. The great thing about this pant is that the leg is long enough so that they don't shrink in the wash. These pants also wash up AMAZING, you would be surprised how long they hold their color and their shape. I wore these pants the whole time I was pregnant too. The rolldown waist fit perfectly under my large prego belly. It comes in great basic colors, and recently they have added a more novelty pant with a tie-dye waist. My favorite colors are Black, Navy, Chocolate and Bat Black-which is a grey tone. The pant is $62 which is an investment, but they do last way longer than any other yoga pant I have purchased.

Long Shirred V-Neck Tank with Bra-These tanks are amazing. First of all, they have a shelf bra which is extra support if you don't feel like wearing another bra underneath. Second, they run long, so with the slim roll-down pant, you can have a top that is a little longer. These tanks are made of a super soft, yet sturdy cotton so that they won't stretch out or tear over time. Again, I wore this tank pregnant, because it was long enough to cover my belly!

Wraps-They make a collection of wraps that you can tie over your tank tops. I like to wrap them all the way around and tie in the back-sort of like a Ballet top. They give you the arm coverage and you can throw them over any of their pretty, soft colored tanks. I also like that they are a different alternative to a zip hoodie.

My sister in law runs the best store here in Kc called Steel Ballet, and they have an amazing selection of Hard Tail. They also have a website, check them out: www.steelballet.com

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