Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Super(model) Mom: Meet Casey

I could not be more thrilled to introduce you to my good friend Casey. I tried to get Casey to be a co-writer on this blog a year ago...I wanted her to be my "Cty Scout", but life had thrown her a few curve balls, and she had to decline. I am bummed because Casey is one of those girls that is just on top of everything. She is well versed in the world of food, wine, travel, decor and of course fashion. side note...Casey, the offer still stands, I would LOVE for you to write with me!

this is what clothing buyers do when they work in an office with no-windows, the temp set to 90 degrees and an over-abundance of birthday treats from Costco (sorry Case, I had to post this pic...)

I met Casey 6 years ago when she joined our buying office at Mark Shale. I had just gotten back from my honeymoon to find out that we had a new buyer joining the team. In walks this thin, gorgeous blonde. I believe hair in a french twist, Theory head to toe and some beautiful shoes (Barbara Bui perhaps?). And once I looked at her closely I realized I knew her! Come to find out we both went to Indiana University, we rushed together and she was good friends with girls in my house. We had a connection from the start and always have...I adore her, I wish we didn't live so far away.

Casey is a city mom living in Chicago with her husband and 2 children, Miles and Marlowe. She keeps busy with her kids in Chicago as well as at their home in Indiana. I live vicariously through Casey's travels. Her and her husband take the time to travel the world (with and without their kids). Her trip recaps are priceless (this girl needs a blog, I am telling you...)

so, please read on and see what inspires Casey, as  she inspires ME constantly!

1) What is your "uniform" or go to outfit

I pretty much live in my Paige Laurel Canyon Bootcut Stretch Jeans in dusk wash. After trying on a million pairs of jeggings and straight leg jeans and distressed denim, I came to the final conclusion that the most utterly flattering cut will always be a very dark wash bootcut jean with stretch. So that’s what I should wear. They are hemmed for flats, so I can chase after my kids. I am sweater lover (Chicago winters are cold)…and Vince is my brand of choice. I pretty much throw on a sweater with these jeans 4 out of 5 days.

2) What is one item you would like to splurge on for Spring 2011

Lanvin Metallic chain crossbody bag. It would go with all those beautiful neutrals. I love it. Crossbody is more mom-practical than the shoulder bag. Perfection.

3) Any trends you are looking forward to this next season?
Wedge heeled shoes. Whose leg doesn’t need a little lengthening? AND you can still walk in them. God bless.

4) I am so curious to know, what are "city" moms sporting these days? Is it similar to what you would see suburban moms wearing?
The hot city moms that dwell at the North Avenue Whole Foods are usually fresh from a workout in Lulu’s and a Moncler coat. Accessory of choice? A well-dressed child.

5) Who inspires you the most (in fashion/decor)
I think Jennifer Aniston has something figured out. She’s always polished. Always understated. True to her style all the time. Sometimes I think WWJD? If I couldn’t picture her putting on the outfit, I should most likely take it off.

6) If you could get your entire wardrobe from one designer, who would it be?
Chloe. Amazing bags. Great shoes. And a collection that’s interesting but not over-the –top.

7) What are your favorite budget buys.
I love Target. When they were doing the Liberty of London print stuff, I bought things I didn’t even need because they were cute and cheap. Also the Circo leggings and bootcut pants for little girls are a perfect wardrobe staple. Target always does a nice job looking fresh at a great price point.

8) What are your top 3 favorite items that you have purchased for your kids (clothing, decor, accessories, etc)
I apologize in advance to my son, but girl stuff just IS more fun to shop for.

1) The Serena and Lily Bazaar section is amazing. This is a child-size magenta ikat arm chair that lives in my daughter’s room. I absolutely LOVE it.


Items two and three are in this one picture. Before I ever even HAD a girl, I was obsessed with that CZ cashmere flower hat. How fun?

And those are tiny rabbit fur boots that Marlowe is wearing. They were the first purchase I made upon finding out I was pregnant with a girl. Ridiculous. Beautiful. Always a conversation-starter.

9) What are your favorite beauty items?
I’m fully addicted to Kiehls lip balm. Colored or uncolored- it makes your lips look and feel great.

And my favorite new addition was a tip from you. Brilliantine from Bumble and Bumble is a must for any new mom. I lost tons of hair a couple months after having my kids. When it grew back, I had these crazy one-inch flyaways around my face. It smoothes those pieces down seamlessly. Shout it from the rooftops, ladies. It works.

10) What item in your closet do you love the most and will never part with?
My gold Celine heels. I wore them on my wedding day. Wildly uncomfortable. Very pretty. Completely sentimental.




  1. So fun getting to know Casey! Thanks for the hair tip, due to my 3 mth old I'm finding myself in need of that :) & ps - girls are totally more fun to shop for, to bad my little one is a boy :(

  2. Aww I love her and not just because we share our name :) She is crazy gorgeous and so are her kids!!! I love it when you do these!!!

  3. Um I love her. She seems so down to earth and really could pass for a supermodel. And Hudson NEEDS that Serena and Lily chair in her room.

  4. I tried to post a comment earlier and it doesn't appear to be showing up. I apologize for any duplicates.

    I love your Super(model) Mom segments, and this one is my favorite because I adore Casey. She took me for my first make up "makeover" at Mac when we lived together at IU one summer. I will never forget her convincing me to buy olive green eyeshadow. It was such a stretch for me, but I still wear it to this day and love it. She was always so chic! A beautiful gal with a beautiful family!

  5. Casey is my Jennifer Aniston :)



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