Monday, January 17, 2011

Almost as good as ruby slippers...

When my parents were in town over the New Year, my Dad offered to take Julian to get a new pair of shoes. Mind you, the poor kid was just coming down with Bronchitis, but we had been cooped up all day, so we thought, why not take him to Nordstrom! (poor kid, he was probably so miserable...)

My Dad has a thing for tennis shoes, so I let him pick them out. Ironically he picked out the EXACT pair I had my eye on weeks earlier. We even let Julian decide and he picked the same ones too! So, here is what we got...

sorry for the bad I phone photo, but I couldn't find them online. These are the Saucony Jazz in my favorite shade of Kelly Green. Aren't they so cute?

Here is my sweet (but sick at the time) boy SO pumped about his new sneakers. When he wears them he has a little extra bounce in his step and he never wants to take them off. Wherever we go he likes to tell people about them....

I wonder if this is the start of a shoe obsession?

available in Nordstrom kids Shoes $35


  1. I love those, especially rhe green color! Going to look online for Sterling now!

  2. I love with kids get excited for new shoes! Even my little tiny tot (18 months) gets excited for new shoes..maybe a shoe obsession is hereditary???!! LOL.

  3. Love them! My son is almost a year and has 2 pair of cute! Love the green color

  4. New follower here! My husband and I are from K.C. but currently live in Dallas. Hope to get back one day once we have kids, all of our family lives there. I miss the Halls there like crazy



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