Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring...I have my eye on you...

We just booked our warm weather vacation for March! Halleluja, I can't wait to get out of here! Julian is at the PERFECT age, to where we might actually enjoy a vacation. I hope to spend many hours building sand castles, going on long walks and playing in the pool. And of course, I must dress the part as stylish mom playing with her child at the pool, right? Here is some of my inspiration...

I am SO loving all things striped this season, and this bikini is adorable...

and so is this!

and a cute coverup is essential...

I could use some updated basics...

obsessed with this Kain Label Tank...

For cool evenings, how adorable is this Patterson Kincaid sweater?

I have a striped maxi dress from last season, and I wore it out! This would be a great replacement...

I Topshop

Cute with white jeans and an afternoon shopping...


And for date night...

are you longing for spring too? It was 50 degrees in Kansas today, it was such a teaser!


  1. Where did y'all decide to go?! LOVE all of the outfits you chose. I'm going to save this post for when it is time for me to shop. =) It was in the mid-70's today and I sat in the sun and got a small tan. Such crazy weather here in Texas!

  2. Love all your picks! I am dying for warm weather. I would be happy with anything above 50degrees!

  3. I just saw a knock-off version of the striped maxi at Target yesterday and almost bought it! You should go!

  4. Oooh, lucky you! I too am dying for a warm weather vacation!!
    glad i discovered your blog to read s'more!


  5. Damn it...i need their figure!

  6. if only i could even get into those basics! you will not see me in a two-piece for a while! i know you will rock those for sure though! cannot wait to hear about the vacation!

  7. I LOVE the Ikat cover up! I might have to add it to my shopping bag :) All of your picks are great! And yes, we had a 55 degree day yesterday too, such a tease. It was nice but also kinda mean of Mother Nature to play such a cruel joke in January! haha.

  8. Great picks!! Love that green and navy striped suit!

  9. What a terrific blog you have here! Visiting you from sunny Melbourne, Australia, where we are currently in a heat wave (after a very silly, cold summer so far....) so I am loving your selection of bathers and gorgeous dresses. I am especially enamored with that white tank top and its fab crossover detail at the back.

  10. The top shop wedges are so cute!



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