Thursday, January 20, 2011

Silver and Gold

When I was buying jewelry and accessories for Mark Shale, I always admired Anna Beck's selection. I loved the simplicity of her designs and how she combines both silver and gold. I am someone who wears both, so I found this to be the perfect marriage of the 2 metals. I also just found out all of her pieces are handmade on the island of Bali. How amazing would that be to work in paradise????

You can imagine my surprise when I opened a box from my husband and it was an Anna Beck cross! I had never mentioned the designer to him, he just happened upon the line at our Halls Department Store. It is so sweet and pretty and I wear it everyday paired with some of my other gold chains.

I hope to add to my Anna Beck collection, these are some styles that have caught my eye...


  1. Mel, I swear we were cut from the same cloth. I LOVE her pieces. It's edgy but still elegant and timeless. I am lusting after that multistrand necklace with the large pendant!

  2. Oh so pretty, I love the stacked bangles!!

  3. Gorgeous pieces! I also mix both silver and gold every day. I'll definitely be scoping out her inventory :) Thanks!

  4. Mel - very funny that you posted about this because my sweet boyfriend got me the most gorgeous Anna Beck ring for Christmas ( and I am OBSESSED with it! I'm a gold + silver kind of girl myself and this ring makes the perfect statment and mixes so well with my other pieces. The best part is that it's so thin and light weight that I never take it off... Love it, and compliments keep coming. I'm sure your cross is stunning in person, hopefully I can add a few more of her pieces to my jewelry collection :)

  5. I love that second necklace and those earrings!!



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