Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Somewhere in between...

Why has it been so hard to find a bikini this season? Everything is SO ridiculously SKIMPY! Especially in the bottoms. This is just not appropriate for running around after a 3 year old...

I don't want skimpy, but I also don't want this...YIKES!

And despite all the cute styles, I am just not ready to sport a one piece. I tried them on, and wasn't crazy about how they fit or look.

And the day I wear  "swimdress" is the day that I will just have to not put on a swimsuit at all.

anyone have a 2 piece that they love, appropriate for a 30'something mom? I would love suggestions!


  1. Uh, yes, let me know too. I DESPISE my two piece as I am always tugging on it, but I just haven't pulled the trigger on a new one yet. The pool opens Saturday - yikes!!

  2. I am having the same exact problem right now. If you find something let me know!

  3. Yes!! Just got one because we are going to Hawaii in a day. Have you heard of Swim Spot? Here is their web link. They have splendid bikinis. Did not even know Splendid made a suit!!


    And this is the one I got. Super good for running after little ones!
    This top:
    With this bottom:

  4. I just got a really cute one from Jcrew. Its a polka dot one.

  5. Mel, I just bought a two piece from Anthro today but unfortunately it was the high waisted bottoms (not the one pictured)..I am fine wearing a one piece but wanted to mix it up with a 2 piece for a trip to Hawaii in a week with just hubby..Seriously the high waisted is the only option so that I could cover up my war wounds from having the triplets. I let you know how the suit works out after I try it on tonight.

  6. I am extremely particular about the fit of my bathing suit bottoms too, and have had the best luck with J.Crew suits! Their bottoms offer good coverage without being high waisted.

  7. It sounds nutty, but I really do think Victoria's Secret has good options and a ton of cute suits. They have different cuts for the bottoms (string, boy shorts, scoop, etc.). In fact, I have a few on my wish list there as we speak. Because of my new scar, I'll have to wear my bottoms a little bit higher than normal, and I felt like they had some cute ones to choose from. Good luck, mama!


  8. I am laughing about the swim dress! I wear Trina Turk, Shoshanna, and Milly...I think that they are all Mom appropriate!

  9. I just saw your fb comment.
    Its funny because i was going to email you for help as you always know about the cutest fashions I was thinking you could help me out.
    Yes, what is up with the skimpy bottoms this year?! Good lord. I also, need to get my war wound cover. A lot of the bottoms hit right below my scar and pretty sure no one needs to be seeing that. Then I hate my inner thighs so I like the skirted bottoms.
    I did try on a swim dress by coco rave ( i think that was the brand) from maycs and it made me feel as if I was 16 (little girl) umm I'm almost 32 I don't think so. I also, ordered a bunch from J. Crew. Good luck on the bottoms but not with the tops.
    I did see everything but water had some cute ones so I need to head up to Scottsdale Mall this weekend.
    ugh.. why does this need to be so difficult?
    Good luck and I hope you find something .If you do let us know where!!



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