Monday, May 16, 2011

I am adding to my reading list...

                                       Just a few more for you all to bookmark! Happy reading!

I can't for the life of me remember how I found Three Sisters, Three Cities...but I am so glad I did! The blog is of course 3 sisters who all live in 3 different cities and share their experiences, travels, current obsessions, and fantastic recipes. They are adorable, it makes me wish I would have had a sister too!

The Southern Eclectic is probably my new favorite daily reads. Sheridan French is a mom of 2, a clothing designer and blogger. How she does it all...and still looks like this I am not sure! She's cute as can be and has a wardrobe that you will die for. She has an impeccable eye for clothing, design and kids stuff. You will love it!

I actually found Mrs Lilien via Sheridan French's blog. I love this blog because it is full of pretty, colorful inspiration. If you love color, then this blog will be your mother ship.

Carrie and Morgan from Ampersand Design Studio are local Kansas City girls who run a design business and also make precious children's art that they sell on Etsy.  Their blog is full of fabulous finds and wonderful inspiration. I wish I could attend their school of blog design and layout, because it's fabulous and a joy to read every day.


  1. I am smitten with Sheridan's blog. She is darling, her family's darling, and her taste is insane. I am dying to own one of her gorgeous dresses too!

  2. I am doing a post about Sheridan French later this week!! She and her clothing line are to die for! She is my latest obsession

  3. Melanie! Love your blog! Thanks for posting about us :)

    the dawson sisters

  4. I love when you share new reads! Thanks! : )

  5. Thanks for this!! I am so happy to find Sheridan French!!

  6. melanie--we are SO flattered to be added to your reading list (and be in such awesome company)! Loving your blog! Nice to meet you via the world wide web :)
    -Morgan & Carrie



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