Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cheap and Chic: Mossimo Paz Sandal and I found a bikini!

I hope everyone had a long, fantastic weekend! I am still recovering from late nights, 2 very hot days in Atlanta and too much of my Uncle's fabulous cooking. We had a wonderful time, I will share some pics later this week.

My cousin Megan had the most adorable shoes on that I too had spotted at Target  but they were missing my size. They are the Mossimo Paz sandal and retail for $24.99. She was wearing them with shorts and a blouse and they couldn't be cuter. I may have to order them online!

Oh and good news, I found the perfect bikini! Thanks to Sally at a Piece of Toast! She directed me to the solids by Mossimo that are hidden on the back wall of the swim section. I got the teal bandeau and the teal mock-side tie bottoms which are surprisingly not skimpy at all! Both pieces are $17.99 each. What a bargain! And the color is fantastic (beter in person than in the pic)!


  1. Those are both really cute! I haven't seen those shoes at my Target. I got a swimsuit there this season also, solids are always a good choice:)

  2. Those are both really cute pieces. I didn't see that suit at all at our Target. I am having buyers remorse on my suit but oh well. I took the tags off and now swimsuit shopping for me for at least two years according to the Mr.

  3. Love those shoes!!! Must have!
    I cant even think about bikinis right now! 35 weeks preggos and the thought of a bikini terrifies me right now!
    I love the one you found though!!!

  4. Love those shoes! I am with you, I might order online! Love the bikini too, I keep trying to find it in the slate color or olive green but they never have my size. Gotta love Target!



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