Monday, December 20, 2010

It's in the bag (and all under $200)

I could online shop handbags all day long. There are soooooo many options. If a girl had all the money in the world, how would she choose? Or maybe she wouldn't, maybe she would just buy them all!

while "browsing" online I found some REALLY cute options, and at surprisingly decent prices!


I have a few Deux Lux bags and they are awesome! SUPER affordable, and they always have tons of style. How great is this studded drawstring bag? $124 on Deux Lux

The King Hobo by Deux Lux is AH-MA-ZING. And yes, only $128, it also comes in 6 colors.

This Halston Heritage bag would go the extra mile. I feel like it would be worth the investment, because you could use it forever. It is a fold over, which gives you a little more space for your belongings. $195 on Shopbop

This is the Mercer Clutch by Deux Lux. Isn't she adorable? What's even more adorable is the price, $64!!! Available in 6 colors.

This bag is CALLING my name for spring! Love the colors and the tiny little handle, it also has a removeable long strap to carry cross-body as well! $195 by 12th St. By Cynthia Vincent

What bags are you lusting for this season?


  1. UM. that last purse is screaming my name as well. too perfect. I will be watching that little puppy to see if it ever goes on sale:)

  2. The Halston Heritage foldover clutch is OMG amazing!!! I used to be a buyer for high end & contemporary accessories so this post is calling my name! thx for the beauties :)

  3. I am definitely lusting for that purse now! such fun colors!!



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