Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Decor I can handle

Everywhere I shop these days I don't seem to find any holiday decor that I like. It's either really Christmasy (is that a word?) or it's too blinged out or just plain boring. I like my Christmas decorations to be pretty tamed down and classic, so that I won't get sick of it over the years. I think next year I am going to try to do an entire "white" theme on my mantle. Z Gallerie has some really fun pieces and I think their prices are great too. Oh and on their site, you can shop Holiday decor by nice is that?!

                  These would be great mixed some silver balls, silver twigs and lots of candle light!

all by Z Gallerie in their "shop white" section...

1 comment:

  1. Totslly sgree with you on this! Decorations are out of control and some are really tacky. I love classic and always stick with silver and gold but I love the idea of white. Great picks and I love the reindeer!



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