Thursday, December 23, 2010

For Wizards?

My husband came home with some new hair product a few weeks ago and I was very skeptical. The guy that does our hair is awesome, but somehow he always talks Jonathan into buying some crazy product...and it's usually kind of expensive.

I picked up the bottle and it is called Davines "Sea Salt Primer for Wizards". For Wizards? Whaaaaaaat? Crazy name right? Well, it does have crazy good results, and now I can look past the name. It's a volumizer that smells delicious (like the beach). It feels really light when you spray it on, but it actually give you a lot of oomph. Especially when I spray it on before I hot roll it, or curl light waves into my hair with a curling iron. It's not cheap at $25, but it does come in a big bottle and it seems like it will last a while.

Way to go Hubs for finally bringing home a product I can use! Anyone else try Davines products and love them too?

1 comment:

  1. yup. love davines--the salon i go to carries it. good stuff.



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