Monday, December 27, 2010

The big reveal

Did everyone have a Merry Christmas? Is anyone else kind of excited to put all the decor away and move onto 2011 (specifically Spring)? It's only December and I am already thinking about shorts and flip flops and the fun colors that only spring/summer can bring.

So, I had many people asking what was in that adorable Tory Burch bag under our Christmas tree. Well, my dear husband had such good intentions. He got me this necklace, which on the website (and in her styled resort photos) the necklace looks amazing. But in person it was quite another story. It's neon rubber, wrapped in metal and it weighs about 10lbs. It was just too expensive to keep, knowing that I wouldn't wear it that often. He even agreed it just didn't look right.

So, now I have a pretty nice Tory Burch credit to use up! What should I get? I am so torn between many different items...

I know some may say the Reva is "out", but I still love them! I have always wanted these leopard flats, they go with EVERYTHING. 
This would be so cute stacked with other bracelets and my watch that has an orange band...don't you love Orange and pink together?

These Espadrilles would be a Mom's best friend for summer! Espadrilles are so comf!

and the stylish devil sitting on my other shoulder is saying go with something more bold, more interesting! But, I am thinking I just wouldn't get that much use out of these.

OR, do I get a handbag? I am thinking a Tote or something more casual. Maybe it's time to bring back the backpack ( a la the Prada Nylon version of 1999)

What do you think I should do? I need your help!!!!


  1. omg please please get the leopard flats!!!!!!! They are beautiful, will go with everything and instantly make whatever you are wearing look classic & trendy at the same time and best of all they are flats so you'll get wear out of them!! (sad face for all the heels sitting in my closet)

  2. You know I am a huge Reva fan. You can't go wrong with them and I love the leopard. Also loving the pink bracelet. I adore pink and orange together! What a sweet hubby for hitting up TB for your gift!

  3. Love them all, but if I had to rank: 1) flats 2) espadrilles 3) tote. So fun!

  4. What a sweet husband!! The necklace does look really cute in the pictures! But yay for TB credit!! I love the leopard flats. I'm still a huge Reva fan myself! I think the espadrilles are super cute and will be a good piece to transition into spring and summer. I also love the bracelets! Orange and pink are super cute together especially for spring! That's a tough decision! Can't wait to see what you go with!

  5. I still love the Reva and I love love love the pink bracelet. Santa snuck in a pair of TB rain boots for me this year and thanks to our white Christmas, I had a good excuse to wear them! Have fun choosing!!

  6. AMES SANDAL!!!!! What a great hubby to have gone out on a limb. The necklace does look like it had great potential - bummer that it didn't live up!

  7. Have you seen this bag in person? I'd be interested...



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