Tuesday, December 28, 2010

For Him and for Her

Jonathan turned me on to Molton Brown products when we first met. In Chicago we could find their products anywhere and now that we live in Kansas City, we are missing our Molton Brown! Thankfully Jonathan's parents ordered him some new products for Christmas. My husband isn't too thrilled that I will be using his favorite products too, but we DO share a shower.

I love their clean unisex scents. Even their re-charge Black Pepper wash, which seems like it would be very masculine comes off smelling warm and clean. We got one of the big bars of soap that has big peppercorns in the bar (sounds weird, I know), but it feels like someone is giving you a good back scratch while you are using it.

We also got the Brave new world gift set which comes with their warming Eucalyptus body wash and sea salt scrub. It makes your entire bathroom smell like a spa, and it's good for the sinuses this time of year. It also comes with the Vitalising AB+C wash which smells equally amazing.

Do you love Molton Brown too? What is your favorite scent?

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE Molton Brown products - it's what I call a hotel scent, makes me feel like I'm livin' it up at a hotel. My favorite is the white mulberry candle. Yummy!



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