Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zoli Pop Obsessed

I cannot remember for the life of me which blogger recommended Zoli Baby Gummy Sticks, but I wish I could because I would love to thank her! These are the BEST teething product that I have ever come across.

They look a bit like a tooth brush, which makes them super easy for your baby to hold. The end of the stick is soft rubber with bumpy edges that can gently massage the gums. And they can really reach the back gums, which most teethers don't reach. I like that it has a anti-choke guard which prevents over insertion into the mouth. Our little girl loves them, we take them wherever we go...

ZoLi stick in one hand, and chew beads also in tow...

They come in a pack of 2 for $10. And are worth every penny in my opinion! 

And totally un-related to teething...we had a fantastic Halloween  Julian really was awesome this year. Last year we had to walk up to every door with him, this year he was a pro! Not scared of anything! Vivi even came along and slept soundly in her stroller. Can't wait until next year when she will be walking right along with her big bro!

My Transformer and "Boo" Baby! 


  1. First time commenting and I have to thank you for posting about the zoli pop! I need this NOW. I keep saying, why don't they have a teether that is shaped like a finger (his favorite thing to chew on)? Thank you!!!

  2. This post came just in time. Jane has been gnawing on her hand, and it is leaving red marks everywhere. I have to imagine it hurts! This is just the thing we need to try!

  3. Ooo thanks for the rec! Adding it to the shopping cart! ;)

  4. So wish I knew about these when Elle first started teething. I swear teething is the devil.



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