Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Weekend

Happy Monday everyone! It's nice to wake up to sunshine today as we had a very rainy and gloomy Sunday. It made for a productive day, but we are definitely kind of stir crazy after being inside for an entire day! 

We have spent the last few days trying to get our little lady to take a bottle/sippy cup. We are leaving on a trip in less than a month, so she better get used to it! Don't you love the expression on her face? She's definitely not so sure she likes it. It's going to be a work in progress...

Saturday was the one year anniversary party for the Bar Method Studio in Leawood. They had a girl doing braids and buns after class. My hair really isn't long enough for a cool braid, so she did a full, low bun. I love it; wish I could do this to my own hair! 

Oh and we officially have a sitter! She is getting bigger right before my eyes...I can hardly believe she is 7 months already! 

I also am trying out some new reds. This is Mac's Ruby Woo, which gets rave reviews. It was definitely brighter than I am used to but I liked the vibrant shade. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, I need to revisit Nars Jungle Red one more time before I make my decision. 

It was about 75 degrees on Friday night, and my husband and I enjoyed a date night on the Plaza. We had a Groupon to a classic K.C. Steakhouse called Plaza III. I wore this Forever 21 top (purchased in April), J.Brand jeans and my favorite new J.Brand jeans from Saks Of 5th. 

How was your weekend? Are you recovering too? 


  1. Yesterday made us a bit stir crazy, too! Going to bundle up and get out today to run errands.

    This may not be the answer for you - but we use this bottle and love it. Lorelei is only 5 weeks and she goes back and forth between bottle and breast with no problem:

  2. Your little one is getting so big! James would love her. : ) He is sitting up now, too. This is truly my favorite age. Wish I could freeze 6-8 months. We finally had some better weather this way. It is kind of crazy...snow last week and high 60's today!



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