Saturday, November 3, 2012

To pleather or not to pleather?

A hot trend this season is Faux Leather...also affectionately called "pleather". I am loving the look of these liquid leggings paired back to the chunky knits and blousier tops of the season. I am just not sure this is a trend that is going to work for me...too young? Too tight? I am yet to try them on, I have just been admiring these pants from afar...

Gwyneth is doing  it...and she's a bit older than me. Love it paired with her peacoat! 

Miss Palermo steals the doesn't hurt that she is probably a negative 0. 

So, what do you think? Are we loving or hating this trend? 

my favorite Club Monaco

Not a bad price on these, found on


  1. Olivia always looks so stunning!! Great trend.

    Love from South Africa

  2. I love this look and think you could totally rock it! You have such a great figure, key is I probably wouldn't spend too much money on a pair. I have been eyeing the Club Monaco Pair too, love them!

  3. I love this look and OP can do no wrong! GP looks fabulous too. I'm going to give it a try (and pray no one laughs at my old self) but how fun for datenight! I'm loving the rock'n'roll vibe.

  4. I love this look too but you have to find the right pair, some just look so cheap once you get them on. I know you can totally pull off this look

  5. LOVE IT. I actually ordered some during Shopbop's sale and LOVED them but wasn't sure it was actually going to fit my lifestyle. I can see going out in them...but not running around town in them. Plus, the "pleather" jeans have to be dry cleaned which is another added expense I hadn't realized.

  6. I actually just bought a pair from Zara, and love the way they look, but can't decide if I'll actually wear them. I'm thinking they'll be perfect for our LA weekend, but I'm just not sure if they'll be realistic for "real life" wear. I'm going to try them on with a few more outfits and try to make the decision soon. I think you can totally pull them off!

  7. its great to wear for dinner out and holiday parties. not so much when dropping off my 5 yr old at school - LOL!

  8. I have some and wear them all the time! Gp Pleather :)

  9. I am a fan of this look, but I think the key is to find a pair that fit perfectly which i a bit of a hunt.

    Stay in the Lines



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