Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A mom on the go must have!

Since having Julian 4 years ago, one of the best new products I have found are the baby food pouches and portable spoons by Boon (Thanks to my friend Annie!). The old baby food cartons are not only bulky, but messy to open and carry around with you. Now with the pouches you have a top that can screw back on (to avoid spills) and the spoons attach right to the pouch which gives you one less thing to carry!

I found the Plum Organics spoons by Boon at Target for around $3 for 2 spoons. Online they sell a 3 pack set...this is the way to go, since we have found that somehow the tiny spoons get lost or accidentally tossed out. 

Have you used these before? Do you love them too? 



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