Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Little Lady

I popped into my favorite Kansas City baby store, Lauren Alexandra this past weekend and I stopped right in my tracks when I saw this dress. It's called the Nellie by Persnickety. The pictures hardly do it justice. It's just SO incredibly precious in person.

I am usually not a huge fan of persnickety..sometimes it's just a little too much pattern and color for me. But this dress is just perfect! And paired with these Baby Bloch ballerina's in red?! Ahhhh, to die for!


  1. so adorable and that would be the cutest 1 yr old photo shoot outfit for Miss V!!!

  2. love persnickety clothing :) having a girl is so much fun but SO expensive bc of the adorable clothes. have you bought any matilda jane yet? i just bought a few outfits for meredith..one word - adorable. and now that jonah is almost 7 he won't let me dress him as cute as i used to :( boo! but meredith is a little fashionista so i go crazy with clothes and accessories for her! this boutique has some adorable girls clothes and of course zulily has a lot of these same brands on sale so i try to stock up when i can :)




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