Thursday, August 30, 2012


I am a coat girl. Maybe it's all the years growing up in Minnesota or the 9 years I spent in Chicago. Coats were always necessary and since you had to be covered up head to toe, why not make the coat your major fashion statement?

So, you can imagine how I feel about dressing our baby girl this winter. OH MY...the choices are abundant. How does one decide? I fell head over heels for the coat collection at Zara. Seriously, I die...


  1. WE desperately need a Zara in STL!!!

  2. These coats are adorable! I had so much fun buying new Winter Coats for the family at Burlington Coat Factory last week. We finished our school shopping, and got ready for the winter. Now that the kids are all old enough to give opinions (the youngest just turned two),it's even more fun. We found some great deals on stylish new jackets. And the baby's jacket was so cute that for once I'm almost looking forward to the cold weather.



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