Tuesday, September 4, 2012


As the temps cool and we start to wear our jeans and boots again, it's time to switch up the beauty routine. Gone are the bright pinks and shimmer, and on to deeper or more muted shades. Red lips have always been a favorite of mine. I own everything from an orange/Red to a deeper merlot. There is just something about a red lip that is so sexy and sophisticated....

Source: elle.com via Melanie on Pinterest

This season I am going for Nars Jungle Red...a very vibrant, matte red. It's perfect all year long...

Source: sephora.com via Diana on Pinterest
Will you be sporting red this fall?  


  1. I go back to work after maternity leave tomorrow, and I think I'll be rockin' a subdued red lip a lot. It just looks so polished with so little effort.

  2. Will definitely be sporting a deep, dark red this fall, every chance I get!



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