Monday, September 27, 2010

Just give me earflaps

Why is it that when there is a slight crispness in the air, you immediately take inventory of all the things you need for fall? I should have been thinking about this months ago, and now coat/hat weather is just about here!

Thankfully we have the coat situation covered (thanks to my dear friend Heather who found an adorable Appaman puffer coat for a crazy deal) But now we need to think about hats. Julian has a huge melon, poor kid. So the best looking hat on him is a tight knit style with earflaps. I love this style, on boys and girls alike.

Not sure which is cuter, the model or the hat? 
But, I am DYING for this one, $23 by Heart Smiles

This flower version is organic cotton, and you can pick the colors! $28 also by Heart Smiles on Etsy

Great colors in this one by Karlys Closet on Etsy $21.50

For your double trouble... Only $32.50

I am not much into "animal" style hats, but these monkey ears are pretty adorable. By Cite Fuzz on Etsy...

Not an earflap, but equally as sweet. By Lovely Knits on Etsy $21.96

Loving this color combo, also by Lovely Knits $23.95


  1. getting that first hat for sure!!! where did you get J's winter coat???

  2. adorable! we are huge fans of the ear flap hats here too. I just ordered one for Ruby (and a baby gift) from baby knits & more- they are personalized. Stella's still fits from last year (thankfully!)

  3. Just ordered the lilac organic flower one for Frances!!! Thanks for the great tip!

  4. Blah Blah makes some really cute hats for little ones too! Love all your pics, so sweet!

  5. These are so precious. I have spent the majority of my life in California and am currently living in Estonia (and freezing!) with my family. We definitely need some of these--my youngest would look so adorable in one of these Monkey Hats : ) BTW, love your blog. This is my first time visiting and I will be back!! In fact, I already added you to our link love! Thanks for sharing : )



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