Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I really didn't intend to go to Wine country and return with a toy for my son. But there was the most charming kids store in Yountville, CA called Lemondrop Kids and I couldn't help but look for something for Julian.

 It was a store chock full of great toys. Rare finds, not the stuff you see in Toys R Us. The knowledgeable owner geared me to some perfect toys for our now 2 year old. We decided to go with  Pop Rocketz. $12 for a "air popper" and 3 foam rockets. It says for 4 plus, but the lady assured me that 2 plus can work this toy.

Sure enough, we have now had hours of fun with the Pop Rocketz. Even my nieces and nephews ( 6 years plus) had a blast playing with the popper.

Not to scare you with the word Christmas (we still have 3 months to go) But wouldn't these be a great stocking stuffer?

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  1. I hear you with thinking about Christmas already...the minute the warm weather creeps away and I am getting sweaters out I think about the holidays.
    We still do stockings, but sadly (sniff) our home is now Santa free. My husband and I always said that if the children got to an age and asked if it was really us, we would confess. Anyhow, our daughter is 12 and son is going to be 10 soon but we still claim that the Christmas magic of the season exists. Pop Rocketz it is for our Guitar Dude :) Hope I can find them here!



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