Monday, September 20, 2010

Did you know?

That Tracy Anderson's first book, The 30 Day Method, hits bookstores today?! I am kind of excited to see what it is all about, considering I am so obsessed with her DVD workouts. I am thinking this diet/workout plan in her book would be a good kick start (if you need it) or even a good way to get your body back after a baby. I might go to the bookstore tomorrow to check it out and report back. Any loyal followers who pre-ordered it already?

PS-our trip to Napa was a DREAM! A post with pictures is to come...


  1. Goodness, I need to get on this! Everytime you post, it's a reminder that I still haven't followed through, ha!

  2. I have always wanted to try her dvds! I just might go pick this book up tomorrow! Can't wait to see your Napa pics! Im so jealous, the hubby and I are really wanting an alone vacation soon!

  3. Sounds fantastic. We all need a little reboot on that front from time to time. Look forward to hearing how you like the book.

    And... so happy you had a wonderful time in Napa!

  4. Looking forward to your review of her book. I am gonna check right now to see if they have it at my library.

  5. Can't wait for your review as I am totally off the Tracy bandwagon right now. Summer is over and so is my motivation! Let me know how it is!

  6. The diet is a big "no way" for a breastfeeding mama post baby. I could barely sustain myself on the food she's suggesting let alone my three months old. That aside, I really liked the book and to read more about why she recommends things be done a specific way. Can't go wrong, really...



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