Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bring on the spandex!

I am hitting the big 33 this week. Oh yes, I am quickly approaching mid-thirties. We did a lot of celebrating in Napa, so I won't be whooping it up too much this weekend. Just a nice dinner at a great Italian place that makes my favorite coconut cake.

I told my husband that if he wanted to get me anything this year, all I want is Lululemon. I would take anything...a jacket, their pants, even a great tank. I just LOVE their stuff and now that I am in full workout mode, I would like some gear to look good while doing it. Thankfully we just got our first Lululemon store here in Kansas, so I have been able to peruse some items in person.

Here is what I am loving...

this jacket is spectacular! I am really digging the longer length and the hood is perfect for rainy/snowy days. We have a great fall here in Kansas City, it would be ideal for our climate! I am thinking black, is that boring?

My friend Annie has these, and they are awesome! I have a cropped version similar to this, and I think I want the full length going into fall.

These tops are SUPER flattering. They slim out your entire torso and give the"girls" a good lift. 

oh and Jonathan, if you are reading this...I would love to add this to my Tracy Anderson collection. Thank you!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I'm sure you will very chic while working out ;)

  2. 33!!!!! you are a freaking baby!!! Happy Birthday!!!!



  3. I love Lulu! That's all I (mostly) wear! I have the middle pants in the cropped version and loove them. Always have wanted the bottom shirt, BUT my "girls" are nonexistent (thanks to breastfeeding!), so it flattens them instead. TMI, I know! =)


  4. Happy Birthday! 33 has been a pretty good year thus far. Although I am sad to say I have only 5 months left! Love all your pics too- I have Tracy Anderson's Mat DVD waiting for post-delivery thank to you too.



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