Monday, August 30, 2010


I normally adore January Jones. She usually pushes the envelope, but in a good way. I could have forgiven her for the bad hair and unfinished makeup, but the dress and shoes made it one of the worst looks of the evening. She is beyond gorgeous, and I was just bummed to see her in such an unfortunate get-up. Am I alone here? Or do you all agree?

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on a happier note...The Glee girls knocked it out of the park with their old Hollywood Glamour

Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera via

Lea Michele in Oscar De La Renta via


  1. yes- something about the chest on that dress makes her look like a rejected mermaid. no thanks!

  2. What was January Jones thinking?!?! I normally love her, but she's a hot mess in that dress.

  3. It was awful. Like, made me gasp. She looks like a superhero Barbie...that was in a really bad brawl...and her dress was ripped off....and she didn't have time to reapply makeup. Yep, that bad.


  4. totally agree... also, did you see christina hendricks?? i'd like to know your thoughts. :)



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