Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I adore...

a man that is willing to take risks with his style. I feel like my husband has always done a pretty good job with tapping into his own individual style, despite what everyone else is wearing.  Sometimes men can just be as inspiring as women, as documented by The Sartorialist. So, Jonathan...this one is for you:

yes, my husband would totally rock a sweater like this. In fact, I believe he has something very similar. 

Who knew a denim sport coat could look so chic?

I love everything about this look...especially the shades

not sure about the jewelry, but this suit/tie/shirt combo is impeccable

taking denim to a whole new level...

what do you think? Would this be too over the top for the man in your life?


  1. NO, i love it!!!! but unfortunately Brad only wears shorts and tee shirts :)


  2. My hub is all about comfort - so that ranges from great sweaters and long leave mandarin collar shirts and vest....yum... but unfortunately also includes baggy-ass jeans and old Ts.
    Great collections of photos.

  3. I bet all these men are European. No one dresses that great around these parts... if they do I want to move there. These guys are total eye-candy!



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