Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not a baby anymore...

My son turns 2 in a month. I am trying not to get sentimental about it, because all kids grow up. But as so many people have said before "it goes by too fast", and now I know what they mean! It dawned on me today when I was looking at winter coats and boots...I am now shopping in the toddler section!

And as you know, the style of toddler clothes is so different, they all of a sudden look very grown up. Gone are the onesies and pull on pants, and now I am looking at cargos and button down shirts and shoes appropriate for running! I have to admit, the toddler clothes are so darn cute!

Would he not be the cutest kid on the block sporting one of these?! All by Appaman on Little Boy Chic.com

totally obsessed with this Pea Coat...

 and if you have a little boy, do yourself a favor and get him these sweat pants. Seriously the cutest pant you have ever seen on, my son had them last year and I think I might just have to get them again! 


  1. Ooooh! I just LOVE that pea coat! I love little boys in pea coats!

  2. Lurrrving the pea coat!!! Had been meaning to get one just like it for the Baby Space toddler this winter but missed the boat and now it's warming up (well it's not really but I'm wishing it would so am already dreaming about summer gear!).

  3. Mel how do those pants run? I want to get griffin a couple pair!

  4. Timely post! Lawson turns one next month and I've been going bananas buying him new clothes and making him look like a little man. His style (whether he knows it or not) is right along with this post...chill, fun and super boy. I've been putting him in some of the toddler clothes b/c I just can't help myself! My new dilemma is finding cute shoes...I purchased some Converse and PediPeds that had some style, but still searching. It's getting more and more fun to dress a boy!This was a fun post - keep em comin!

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