Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A lifestyle tip from Holly Golightly

You remember the scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's...Holly wakes up to her buzzer ringing. She comes to the door to greet "Paul" AKA "Fred" sporting A man's tux shirt, hair perfectly coifed, ear plugs and the ever famous sleep mask. I am not sure I have ever looked that chic rolling out of bed!

I too have worn a sleep mask for years. It started with an overseas flight (where they give them to you on the plane). Then it continued in Chicago when I had the ability to sleep as long as I wanted, but didn't want the light to keep me awake. I still use it, because it blocks out all light and I sleep way more soundly than when I don't use it.

If you can find one that is super soft, you will not even notice that you are wearing it! My husband even tries to steal mine...I guess I need to get him his own for Christmas this year. If you are looking to buy one, here are some cute ones that I found...

How hilarious is this?! I am totally cracking up!

Love these Eco chic by Laura Langley $20 HERE

anyone else sporting a sleep mask at night? do you love them too?


  1. I love my eQua eye pillow but it is not conducive for wearing all night... more of a fall asleep or put on in the morning to keep sunlight out (or for yoga of course). I will have to order the Holly Golightly Holly Golightly one from Fredflare. So fun!! xo

  2. oh HOLLY ! She's too cute. We always quote the cat in the rain scene.

  3. I have never used one but Mr. C loves them as i cannot sleep in pitch black! Not sure he'd like your choices though! lol. I would try the first ones just because they are so cute!

  4. YES!! I definitely bought a sleeping mask after yet another lazy Sunday watching Breakfast At Tiffanys. I know what I'll be sporting this Halloween...

    How have you been! I am so sorry I have been totally MIA... I miss spending more time at your fabulous blog!

    All my Love,

  5. the holly golightly one is TOO cute. i may need to put this one on my "i want for christmas" list. :) glad to have found your blog!



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