Monday, August 2, 2010

It's a 3 alarm fire!

Julian recently attended his very first kids birthday party. His buddy Gavin had the most FABULOUS 3rd birthday, centered around a Fire truck theme. Gavin's Mom and Dad have fabulous taste and there was no stone unturned in making this the perfect "americana"/firetruck birthday party! Julian is still talking about it...that is just how great it was!

The party started off with a tour of the local fire station. The kids were in awe, most of them had never seen a Firetruck in person!

Gavin and his mom Katie

Gavin meeting the firefighters...

The Mr. and Jules with the firefighters

Then it was off to the park for a fabulous picnic...

How precious is this table? Kelly from WH Hostess did the stickers on the kids food bags, as well as the cupcake toppers.  The food and table styling were by The Mixx Kansas City, the flowers were from Trapp and Company

The Mixx made amazing Steak Sandwiches, that were a huge hit with the adults!

cupcakes were by Smallcakes. The kids THOROUGHLY enjoyed them...

aren't they adorable?

Julian had the BEST time. He was obsessed with the fire station. And all the kids got to bring home their personalized fire hats. A perfect memento from the fun party!

If you are interested in doing a fire truck theme party, head on over to WH Hostess to view her vintage fire truck theme products


  1. What a wonderful party! love the theme and all of the details!

  2. What an amazing 3rd birthday party!!!! Too cute!

  3. So cute! What were in the sack lunches? Were those for the kids?

  4. YES, the sack lunches were for the kids! They had grapes, cold buttermilk fried chicken and chips. It was PERFECT!



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