Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pears + Bears

I love the blog world, simply because it is like a big intertwined circle. Somehow everything is connected. On Friday night a friend recommended the blog Urban Grace to me, which led me to the authors sisters blog, Fly Through Our Window, which led me to another adorable Online shopping site called Pears + Bears/Kayce Hughes. I am now obsessed with all 3, and you MUST visit the blogs mentioned above, because they are both so good. They are twin sisters; one is an extremely talented designer, the other is a mom of 3 and an unbelievable photographer. Very captivating ladies, I must say!

Now let's talk shopping...Kayce Hughes is a small independent clothing designer who makes women's clothes as well as children's. Her items are classic, and sweet and you can tell that her heart and soul is poured into this line. Right now her summer items are 50% off! She has quite an assortment of "bubbles" for babies, which you know I adore...

Bubbles are $42 and can be monogrammed. Loving this polka dot fabric!

This Sophie Dress is half off ($30!) and available in other cheerful prints

Her knit dresses are precious too...

And the classic Tunic might be my favorite! Also available in adult sizes...

You should also check out Kayce's blog...she is a business owner and mother of 7, and always looks extremely chic. Very inspiring!


  1. Too cute!! I can't wait till we have kids. They are going to be so stylish haha!

    PS I'm doing a giveaway to promote charity. Come check it out!

  2. I love both of the blogs. So fun to be able to follow both sisters.

    So how is the camera? Do you think you will try to figure things out on your own or take a class?

    Now when are you coming to visit AZ with your parent:-) Where is their home...I probably should have just sent you an email.

    Thank you for all of your nice comments...love them

    xx - CB



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