Monday, August 23, 2010

Sophisticated Sneakers

They know what they are doing in Italy. When it comes to design, they just always seem to get it right! The same goes for a favorite of mine, Superga Tennis shoes. Julian's best "girlfriend" had them on the other day and it just re-affirmed my love for the shoe. Little Charlotte had them on with the cutest floral dress. It was the perfect combo of sweet and sporty. I of course love them for boys...but we all know there are many more options for boys with Tennis shoes! For girls, it's a bit harder and I think Superga fills that void very nicely.

Another great feature...the velcro straps! I HATE tying shoes, it's just not easy when you have a wiggle worm of a toddler. These are perfect for that. All the shoes range between $40-$55, available HERE

The Mary Jane is a personal favorite of mine

And for the boys...

These would be darling on a toddler boy!


  1. Those are our favorites too! We have been through size 23, 24 and now in size 25. We mainly do the double velcor and have them in wild rose, white and navy blue. They are Stella's favorite! Mine too- they wash in the washer amazingly!

  2. How cute!! I will be bookmarking these for when the time comes!

  3. They are on sale right now on! Love these!



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