Monday, August 30, 2010

Beauty Buzz

I've added a few new items to my beauty bag and thought I would share them with you. I am a cosmetics junkie, and so I love it when I find new products that just WOW me!

A good friend of mine is a beauty buyer and let me sample Tarte's new lip stains. If you love the cheek stain, then you will ADORE the version for your lips. I have never had anything stay on my lips as long and that are actually moisturizing.  In fact, this product has been clinically proven to moisturize lips by 6000%!!!! That is quite a statistic! I own Lust (the red shade) and it is a great natural, rosy red. It's such a light shade of red, I really think you could wear it every day. $24 available at Sephora or at Beauty Brands

Another great Tarte product is their primer with Wrinkle Re-Wind technology. Not only does it minimize pores, but it also decreases lines and wrinkles and increases the appearance of your skins firmness by 47%. I love that it  makes your makeup go on more evenly and will help it stay put throughout the day. It's under $35 which is also great for a primer. $32 on Sephora or at Beauty Brands.

I mentioned this product very early on in my blogging. I have not used Duri Rejuvecote  for 2 years, because nobody in Kansas City sells this. I was trying to avoid having to order it and pay seemed silly for a nail polish. But my nails were paying the price! They started to chip again, not grow as fast and just overall they didn't look as good. I bit the bullet, and I am glad I did. This product is amazing. If you do your own nails, it's a wonderful base and top coat. If you get manicures, it will extend them much longer just by putting it on each day after. It's $12 (plus shipping) but SO worth it!

Lastly, this is my favorite "end of summer" color. It's called Flirt by Essie and it is a wonderful color to transition into fall. It's in between coral and red, and it looks great when you still have a tan without looking too summery. I believe it is an old color, but I never seem to tire of it! available HERE 

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  1. I will have to try out the Tarte iip stain as like you I love the cheek stain! Great suggestions!



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