Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A toy your son AND husband will love!

I come from a family of car lovers. My brother and my dad are huge Formula 1 fans and I happened to also marry into a family that has a great appreciation for cars. So, it came to no surprise that our sons first word was "car". We celebrated Christmas a few weeks early with my parents and brother, and I have to say, the gift that my brother gave Julian was nothing short of awesome.

It's a car...but it is not just any car, this is probably the coolest toy car I have ever seen. The brand is Automoblox. Patrick Calello, an industrial design major at Carnegie Mellon university had a project where he had to come up with a product for the do-it-yourself wooden hobby industry. His idea was to  create a car that inspired creativity in kids by visualizing and creating a car of their own design. He also believed that they should be a modern design crafted out wood. With a vision starting in 1992, Calello finally reached his goal in 2004 when Automoblox were available for retail in the US, UK and Japan.

You can purchase a car of your choice, but once you get one you can totally change up the look of the car, because all of the parts are interchangable. They also have a "parts" department where you can purchase different wheels for your car. Each car also has their own serial number, so you can register your car online. It's a toy, but it really appeals to an adult car enthusiast as well!

The quality is amazing, and I believe the designs speak for themselves. My son is only 15 months, and it is by far his favorite car right now. They are a good size, so it's easy for him to push around on our floors. And even though the parts do come off on occasion, there is really no choking hazard as the parts are big. They run anywhere from $10 for the mini version and $45 for the big guys. I am a HUGE fan now, and can't wait to get Julian another one!


  1. oh getting one for sure!!!! marco and brad will go crazy :) xoxo

  2. We have the sports car, it's so cool. Brad would LOVE them!



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