Friday, December 18, 2009

Charming and Pretty just about sums it up...

When I was on one of my favorite blogs (Coco + Kelly), I stumbled across the most darling accessories websites I have seen in a LONG time. Let me introduce to you, Old Soul, New Heart.

The designers Tamara and She are a mother and daughter duo that know just exactly how to take ruffles, bows and a little bit of sparkle and combine them into the perfect accessories. When I went to their bio, I knew they were girls after my own heart. Tamara taught her daughter Shea that, "accessories never make you look fat" SO TRUE! You may go up and down in sizes, but your jewelry case will be with you forever!

If you are in need of just a little sparkle for a holiday party, or something fun for new years, look no further! I love everything on their site, but these are just a few of my favorites...oh and designer/owner Shea is the model. Isn't she darling? I fell in love with her red lipstick and emailed them. They responded right away, it is NARS Jungle Red (just in case you wanted to know too!)

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