Monday, December 28, 2009

Put away your computer and bust out a writing utensil...

I am hoping that Santa brought you all what you wanted (or needed) this Christmas. At this age it's really hard to say that we "need" anything right? We kind of just buy stuff as we need it...but come holiday time it is inevitable that friends and family are generous and kind in the gift department. So, you know what that means? Thank you note time!

Since I was small I have always hand written thank you notes for any gift I receive. As I got older, I realized how important these little notes really were. When someone goes out of their way to buy you something nice...throw a a shower...have you over for is common courtesy to send your regards and just say thank you.

Unfortunately, with the advances in technology, the hand written note has gone by the wayside. I truly almost fell over in my chair when I got a thank you note from my 21 year old babysitter who had borrowed a dress from me for a special occasion. I know it sounds silly, but I was so impressed! She took the time out of her busy college schedule to write a beautiful, thoughtful note and to top it all off, it was on gorgeous monogrammed stationary.

So, whether or not you have the time...set a few minutes aside this year to send thank you's to the ones you love. They truly will appreciate the thought. And if you need some paper inspiration, here are some of my favorites!

For the sophisticate...

For the Prepster...

For The Traditional...

 And if you happen to live in Kansas City, my go-to is RSVP in the Village (Prairie Village). The owner, Abby, has impeccable taste and the most gorgeous selection of stationary and invites in the city!!!

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