Friday, December 4, 2009

I have been very good this wish list 09

I want to start off by saying that I don't NEED anything for Christmas. But, what girl doesn't have some wants?! My husband keeps asking me what it is that I WANT for Christmas...well...a fabulous new camera (Nikon D80 maybe?) and the classic Louis Speedy are on the top of the list. But those are major splurges. I have plenty of other "little" things that I certainly wouldn't mind if they were in my stocking this year.

First things that it is cold, I am desperate for a good at home workout. My dear friend SWEARS by Tracy Anderson's videos. Tracy is the one that keeps Madonna and Gwyneth's bodies in tip-top shape. I mean, come on, Madonna is ridiculous and as you can see, Tracy isn't so shabby either. So, I am asking for the cardio and the mat DVD's. She also makes a post-prego video that's supposed to be awesome!

My husband has purchased me pieces by Miguel Ases before, and I adore each and every one of them. These earrings would not disappoint!

I have some big silver aviators, but I have always been in love with the Ray Ban gold framed aviator with green tinted lenses...

I despise Ugg boots, but when you are running around in the winter you don't want to ruin your good leather boots. I think the original Hunter Wellington Boots would be a great option for Kansas City. We don't get the cold, but we get the snow and slush!

I am a bit of a fragrance whore. My husband introduced me to Creed fragrances and it was all downhill from there. Bond No.9 Fragrances are right up there for me with Creed. They have 39 amazing scents that are unique and lack that "alcohol" smell that you find in most perfume. All of their scents are named after a NYC street or neighborhood. My current favorite is Fashion Avenue...with notes of Mimosa, Ylang Ylang and Black Currant. It is light and fresh, with just a touch of floral

I really love fabulous candles. Tocca makes 2 intoxicating scents that I have always loved. Cleopatra is a mix of grapefruit and cucumber and Stella is scented with Blood Orange.

I don't really wear too many things out...but these pajamas by Pinecone Hill are so fabulous that I wore them until they were so thin that they tore!!!! I finally had to toss them in the garbage after 4 years, it was like parting with a baby blanket. They don't look so glamourous, but let me tell you they are like wearing 800 thread count sheets. no lie!  I wouldn't mind a replacement set...

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  1. Lots of great picks! LOVE those earrings-they are gorgeous!



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