Sunday, December 6, 2009

I heart Home Goods

My dear friend Amy of "The Huntress Lives" and my other friend Jennifer have both mentioned to me that I NEEDED to go to Home Goods. If you don't know what Home Goods is, it is Marshall's home store that is FULL of fabulous home stuff...anything from decorative, to kitchen stuff, rugs, bathroom accessories, you name it! Both of these girls have amazing taste, so I finally decided to head their advice and check it out.

My mom and I went and when I walked in it was just about as exciting as an H&M shopping trip. They had so many great things and the prices were unreal. They had these amazing Chinese Pedestal stools (that I have been dying to get) for $30 a piece! I decided to hold off on them until I know exactly where I would put them, but I did make a few other great purchases that I would love to share!

I had gone there with a plan to find some accessories for my coffee table. I found this adorable ceramic Fu Dog for $13

This great little sparkly Christmas tree for my Demilune...$7

and lastly I was looking for a tray for my bathroom and some pretty little things to put cotton balls and q-tips in. I found this tray in the Kitchen section for $10, the pretty cup was $5 and the little jewelry box that I now use for cotton balls was $4!!! The pretty white bud vase was from Crate and Barrell for $7

I can't wait to go back and see what I can find on my next trip!

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