Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rock & Republic & Chanel...isn't that an oxymoron?

Ok, I am usually not one to VENT on my blog...but I guess there is a first for everything, right?  My husband gets the Wall Street Journal. It's a fabulous publication that I rarely take the time to read, but today he handed it to me and said..." you may want to read this article about the president of Rock and Republic and how she is, I quote "Coco Chanel's Biggest Fan".  I thought, ok, interesting...don't quite see the connection but I will check it out.

Andrea Bernholtz picture courtesy of WSJ

It goes on to talk about how Andrea Bernholtz (president of Rock & Republic) is Chanel's BIGGEST FAN.  Andrea has entire guest suite decorated in Chanel, which includes a home gym with Chanel bags hung next to her gym equipment and enormous framed posters of Chanel images. She collects different Chanel paraphernalia all over the world, and even dressed as Coco for Halloween. To top that off she chose the interior of her Bentley because it reminded her of the Chanel quilted bags (do you feel like you want to Barf yet?)

The thing that bothered me most about this article is how Andrea seems to find a connection between her ultra trendy and blinged out denim line and the ever classic Chanel.  She goes on to say "She (Coco) was versatile and traditional and timeless all at once. "I want our brand to be like that-one that a grand-mother, a mother and a daughter can all walk in and find something that they like." For real Andrea? I don't quite see my mother or grandmother wearing low-rise, acid washed jeans named "skinny bitch" like this one pictured below...

Since I was very young I have always loved the simplicity and classic chic that Chanel has to offer. It really angers me that a line like this, that is so completely opposite of what Coco did, tries to claim to be on the same level. Bottom line, would you ever see Chanel at T.J. Maxx? I don't think so.

So Wall Street Journal, the next time you want to bring Fashion into your great publication, you may want to consider the content. This article made me disgusted and embarrassed. Just because someone can afford all that Chanel has to offer, does not mean they they are the next Coco.

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  1. you go Mel, she is CRAZY to compare the two!!! Come on acid washed jeans named "skinny bitch' LOL



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