Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear Diary,

I don't know about all of you, but I had a diary most of my life. I think it may have started in 5th grade and I believe I wrote all the way until the end of college. I am kind of afraid (and embarrassed) to go back and read them. I  may have to give it a few more years...not sure if I am ready to relive 7th grade drama or High school insecurities, but I am sure I would get a few good laughs about it all.

Most of all,what I do love about a Diary is how therapeutic it is. A diary doesn't judge, a diary doesn't give a rebuttal, and most of all, it doesn't have the ability to share your deepest thoughts and feelings. So, I am going to make it a resolution to start a diary again for 2010.

This evening at the hair salon, I was reading the most recent issue of Vogue (it's great by the way!) with Rachel McAdams on the cover. In the issue, it talks about how she is keeping a diary, using Keel's Simple Diary. I had never heard of it! It was intriguing!

I rushed home to google it and this is what I found. It's a diary using multiple choice questions, Fill-in-the blank and open ended questions. It totally removes the fear of writing on a blank page. It gets your mind going and then leaves space to write what you want...if you so choose. I love the concept and I think it is a way to open yourself up without even meaning to!

I can't wait to get I just have to choose which color I am going to buy (I am leaning towards orange!)

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