Friday, November 20, 2009

To splurge or not to splurge, Volume 2

Why oh why do I always fall in love with things that are WAY out of my budget. Arghhhhhh! It's a constant thing, I swear. The topic of today's To splurge or not to splurge is Lululemon. Let's discuss...

 So, I first fell in love with their product about 3 years ago when I was living in Chicago and they opened a store right outside of my office...LITERALLY 2 steps away...and this is when Equinox Fitness was also in my building and working out was my favorite past time (next to shopping, dining out and drinking of course...) At that time it was nothing to spend $50 on a workout top or $150 on one of their jackets. The one thing I had never bought was the pants. As you know I am A BIG Hard Tail fan.

Well, this has all changed...this week I went to a Lululemon trunk show. I was like hey, why not try on their pants?  I love the tops, so the bottoms must be just as good. I slipped on the Groove Pant and you better believe it was love at first sight. I felt suddenly slimmer, my legs looked longer, my buns looked lifted. They were AMAZING! then I looked at the price tag...$98. Yikes! This is practically the price of a pair of jeans! But, I know that the product wears well, and they were perfect.

In the end I decided to hold off on buying the pant. I have 6 pairs of perfectly good Hard Tail pants in my closet that are waiting to be busted out again at the gym (my resolution for '10). Until I am putting in some good time working out again, I can't really justify the $100 workout pants. BUT, you better believe that when I do get myself back on track, they will be the best reward!

What are your thoughts? $98 too much for a workout pant?

Have a good Friday everyone!!!

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  1. This post is like catnip to me. Let me preface my comment with, no, I don't work for Lululemon.

    The Groove pant is to the SAHM wardrobe what a black, stretch wool Theory Max pant is the working woman's wardrobe- an expensive, flattering,often-worn staple. For those who have had children, it flattens the hard-to-tone pooch with no muffin-top side effects. Like magic(you must try it on to believe), it lifts your rear and thins your thighs. Plus, the spandex-laden fabric keeps you warm during these long winters months. *oh, how I love those Canadians*

    They are new, city-mom's juicy sweatsuit. I feel sad when they are dirty. I feel polished when I'm wearing them to the grocery store on a Monday. The wash and wear AMAZINGLY. No fading. No shrinking. Still believe I don't work for them? :)

    To conclude, worth $198, but I'm sure glad it's not. *Mel, just ask Santa for've been good this year



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