Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Make it Wicked with a touch of Vamp

About the time that I bust out my fall boots is when I also make the change to darker nail polish. I kind of love it...it's such a change from my usual candy colored toes and soft opaque nails. Over the years I have perfected the dark nail. Keep them super short, somewhat square and these high-maintenance dark nails REQUIRE a good top coat to keep them from chipping. My fave is Duri, but any top coat will do.

Here is my evolution in the range of dark nails...I started off with the classic Chanel Vamp (a deep red with a touch of shimmer)...

and then I graduated to Essie's Wicked (a FAB deep dark red)

Then I got a little daring with OPI's Eiffel for this color (Wine shimmer)

When I got bored with all of these I moved on to Lincoln Park After Dark (Matte) A midnight meets purple super dark polish...

Oh and if you are not sure what it would look like on your nails, OPI now has a FABULOUS "try it on" application on their website. It's pretty amazing, and it saves you the trouble of wasting a whole bottle on something you don't like!!!

she makes a pretty good hand model doesn't she?...

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