Monday, November 9, 2009

Our new friend Sophie

Ahhhh, it's always nice to get away but when traveling with a toddler sometimes it is nicer to be home. I had a great visit with friends over the weekend and now it has left me totally pooped. Too much to drink, too much laughter, chasing my son, eating the remainder of the Gonzalez family halloween candy, too much to eat. You know how it goes...

But, while I was away, I did pick up a great item for my son. Good Old Sophie the French Giraffe. I am sure you have read about this darling teething toy. It's gotten a ton of press and it has been a beloved teething toy for over 30 years! I had always heard good things and I wanted to know if it was WORTH the $27. Let me tell you, this little cuteness made of all natural rubber and food quality paint is a hit!

We were at the cutest store in Zionsville, IN called Ballerinas and Bruisers (a must if you live in the Indianapolis area) They had everything from Splendid Kids to Zutano to Trumpette...all favorites of mine. We walk to the back and I see the display with "Sophie" in it. They have one out of the box, so I hand it to Julian to see if he likes it. He smiles immediately, it squeaks and it really has the cutest face ever. I let him play with it and of course he immediately wants to put it in his mouth...those ears are too irrisistable! I try to grab it out of his hand and he, what is a mom to do? Of cousrse, I buy the stupid $27 giraffe. And you know what? He adores it, chews on it, we play hide and seek with Sophie. It's great!!!

So, in the end, if you were debating about this purchase, I would say go for it! I think I am a few months late on this one, but he only has half his teeth, so I am sure we will get good few months of use out of this cuter than cute teether.


  1. My little dude got quite a lot of use out of his Sophie!

  2. i was TOTALLY debating on Ms. Sophie. I even had her in my hand a few times, and was like "really? 27 bucks?".......thanks for being the "taste tester", Jules!!!

  3. We have Sophie! Everyone thought I was CRAZY for paying $30 for a teething toy. Got a lot of flack for it. Now that Kara isn't teething anymore she has no interest poor little Sophie anymore :(

  4. Must have just missed you! I was in Ballerinas & Bruisers on Nov 9th and bought Sophie amongst some other must haves. He carries Alphabetica so I went in to say hi and ended up with Sophie! I've also heard great things and it hurt to pay $27 bucks but Molly LOVES her!

    Too funny!



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